Questions about building JUCE VST2.4 plug-in for RPI [solved]

EDIT: mods, feel free to delete this unless the fix is of any use to anyone. It turns out, while I was using the Elk JUCE fork, if you create a project with the regular JUCE version and have modules set to local copy prior, they must be deleted manually, as the projucer (even using module rescan) will not update to your global modules.

Hi all,

I’m not very experienced with linux dev so forgive me if this question has a simplistic answer but I can’t figure it out.

I have a JUCE VST2.4 plug-in running well compiled and running well in Sushi on ubuntu. I am trying to get this running on the RPI board using the supplied directions. Unset, source the environment, then use the make command.

However, my build is failing because the JUCE dependent packages aren’t being found in my pkg-config search path. Example error from “make clean” after I source the environment:

Pacakage XXX was not found in pkg-config search path
Perhaps you should add the directory containing ‘XXX.pc’ to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable

So I am assuming that these JUCE dependent packages are not in the RPI environment but I cannot seem to get the environment to see them. Any ideas? Thank you - oh and I am using the headless JUCE repo from the elk github. Cheers.

if you had previous local copies they are not including the headless patch.

The suggested way, as written in the docs and as you realized, is not to make local copies but point to the global headless-patched JUCE modules.

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