Rack Extension Support?

Hi. At start of project, Propellerheads make some videos about ELK OS features…
And at your site also, you write time ago about support VST, Rack Extensions…

But all I can find today at this site - info about VSTs…
Nothing about Rack Extensions.

Im RE-developer and interesting to going deeper in ELK OS.
But what stopped me to start… I plan to work with RE, that been announced… But now I don’t know anything about current builds of ELK S - support RE or not?

Hi @turn2on,
Rack Extension is not included in the open source Elk because we couldn’t open-source those parts, too.

It was in alpha stage, if you’re interested in making a product based on RE write to tech@elk.audio and we can put you in contact with Propellerhead to discuss about it.