Raspbeery Pi MAC address

Hi, I’ve purchased 2 Pi’s and unfortunately they have the same MAC address :frowning:
I’ve never experienced two devices with the same address before, so I think this must be an error in production somehow and I’m getting in touch with the Raspberry Pi group about it.

Anyway, I was trying to change the MAC address of one of the PI’s to make them work on the same network, but I couldn’t find out where to do it since the normal places like /etc/network/interfaces etc isn’t to be found in the Elk Pi distribution.
I even tried to grep for words that could lead me on the way, but no luck.

Any hints to where to set this and other network related settings ?

Ok, so it seems that I’ve been extremely unlucky getting the one out of 16 million other cards which has the same MAC address as the other Pi I have :roll_eyes:

So I found several ways to get around this - none of which are working on the Elk distribution :frowning_face:
The options include overriding the MAC address in network config files (standard Linux pattern) and setting it on boot time in /boot/config.txt or /boot/cmdline.txt (standard Pi pattern).

The latter works like a charm in Raspbian on the same Pi’s, but not in Elk OS :frowning:

So where on earth am I supposed to set an override MAC address on Elk ??

Hi @jesper,
you should be able to modify /boot/cmdline.txt. The only thing is that by default we unmount what is /boot on Raspbian for SD card safety.

So you need to first manually mount the first FAT partition, e.g.:

$ sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
$ cd /mnt

and then you can edit cmdline.txt from there. Be sure to do a sync and unmount the partition before powering off your Pi. You can check the results with cat /proc/cmdline to see if the extra parameter was passed.

Otherwise it seems to be possible to do it also with U-Boot (which we use and Raspbian doesn’t) but you’ll have to mingle around with Yocto and it’s not a trivial task I’m afraid…

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Thank you so much @Stefano , It works perfectly - you made my day :grin:

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