Raspberry Pi 400 compatibility

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 400 (https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-400-unit) and flashed the latest Elk Audio OS (v 0.7.2) onto a SD card but the Raspberry Pi won’t boot on it.

It seems to be stuck on:

start4.elf: is not compatible
This board requires newer software
Get the latest software from http://www.rapsberrypi.org/downloads
ERROR: 00000044

Has anyone else run into this issue?


I have and it was due to the fact that I was using an 8GB model whereas the OS only currently supports the 4GB and below models. I asked in an email and there should be 8GB support coming, we just don’t know when yet.


It seems that the Elk Audio OS is not updated frequently. Latest update seems to date from April 2020.

this year we weren’t able to update Elk as fast as before due to our shift in focus for Aloha.

But we have a release coming out very soon and it contains an updated firmware that will make the 8GB model work. We don’t have a Pi 400 available but we’ll try to put there the latest firmware so that hopefully it will be supported.

Great to hear that as I believe the RPi 400 is the best format for this purpose. It’s the fastest, passively cooled RPi and self-contained. All you need to do is to plug in a HAT in the back, like the good old times :slight_smile:

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I just downloaded the latest version of Elk Audio OS (v0.9.0) and it seems to boot fine now on my RPi 400.

Now I just need to score a compatible HiFiBerry HAT and one of those Black HAT Hack3r cables…

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