Raspberry Pi VST3 parameters

Hello everyone,

I have some questions regarding the operation of Elk Audio OS. Currently, is it only possible to control parameters within VST3 using gRPC and OSC methods? Are there any other ways to perform remote control operations? Additionally, is it possible to observe parameter changes in real-time either on a connected Raspberry Pi display or through an external monitor while performing these operations?

Thank you for your assistance.

(I’m still in the process of trying out the Neural Pi project: GitHub - GuitarML/NeuralPi: Raspberry Pi guitar pedal using neural networks to emulate real amps and effects.)

In addition to gRPC and OSC you can also map midi cc controllers to control plugin parameters in sushi. But yes, those are the possible ways of controlling parameters.

Both gRPC and OSC will send notifications when parameters change their values, though this needs to be enabled first. For OSC it is enabled in the config file, see: Sushi Configuration — Elk DevKit documentation
For gRPC you use the NotificationController to enable different notification during runtime. You can see a small example of how to wire that up here: https://github.com/elk-audio/elkpy/blob/master/examples/sushi_monitor.py

Note, if you choose to go with gRPC, we recommend using one our our helper libraries GitHub - elk-audio/elkpy: Python package to control the Elk Audio OS DAW via gRPC or GitHub - elk-audio/elkcpp: C++ library to control the Elk Audio OS DAW via gRPC. instead of gRPC directly to reduce the amount of boilerplate code neccesary.

Good luck!