Raspberry pi with builtin audio


I don’t know if this question is already asked, but I didn’t find it on the forum.
I want to evaluate ELK, and I have a raspberry pi 3 and a justboom DAC. Can ELK be used with the builtin audio (or justboom), just for evaluation purposes. I know that I need a good dac eventually, but I would like to test the OS first without needing to buy extra hardware or writing drivers.

I already tested it, but I get RASPA errors (don’t remember which error, it was yesterday). If I know that it should work, I will investigate the problem myself, but if it is known not to work, then I don’t have to try to fix the errors.

Hi @dj_subzero,
yes we got several questions like this and indeed just today we released support for the HiFiBerry line of audio hats:

The RPi (both 3 & 4) don’t have a proper onboard DAC and the audio quality is pretty bad without any shield, so it’s not in our list to support it. But if you are familiar with Linux driver development or know anyone who can help you on that side, it’s not that hard to modify the audio driver to support other codecs. We might support other codecs / HATs in the future but we have limited development resources and many other things on the table, so we can’t promise anything at the moment.

I am no familiar with linux driver development, but I am quite experienced in windows develoment and some embedded develoment, so if I could find some time this would not be a big problem.
I already own a Justboom hat, which uses the same DAC ( pcm5122) as hifi berry, so this would be quite doable I suppose.

Well by a quick look, if the DAC is the same, it might actually even work out of the box with our driver… since we don’t have a Justboom hat, would you interesting in trying out the latest 0.7.2 and see if it works?

Ok, I will try that and let you know

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Just tried with the JustBoom hat, and I can hear the jx10 :joy:


Thanks for the test @dj_subzero!

Just out of curiosity, which HiFiBerry version did you select with elk_system_utils ?

I used “hifiberry-dac-plus-adc”.

Because of my limited setup and time, I have not been able to do extensive (and quality) testing, but at first glance it seems Ok.

btw. I used 0.7.2

The hat I have used was : https://shop.justboom.co/collections/raspberry-pi-audio-boards/products/justboom-dac-hat
I also have their amp hat, but that one seems to be using another DAC

Thanks for the tip that it might work out of the box. Now I can evaluate with sound

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How did you get on with this? I’m considering getting a cheaper hat with a PCM5122 and curious to know if it worked out well for you. Thanks