Recommend a Mac/WIndows OSC client?

I’ve used TouchOSC with some ESP32 projects I worked on. But since I’m working on the PC anyway I’d just as soon have a Windows OSC client. I downloaded but it set off my Avast Malware trigger.


We use OpenStageControl all the time, especially on Linux where there is little else that compares, at least as far as having a configurable GUI goes. I wouldn’t take the malware trigger too seriously, I suspect it is because of all the numerous tiny UDP messages.

For development, Protokol is a great message monitor, but it doesn’t transmit messages.

The JazzMutant Lemur app has a desktop application companion, which can be used even without the app.

OSC/Pilot is a recent (commercial) addition to the OSC family, for Windows, and a great tool - but it is definitely made for actual performance rather than development use, so if all you want is to trigger a few messages while developing its screen real-estate requirements may be too much.

Finally, TWO has a lot of features for creating controllers, recording, editing and playing back OSC messages, but it may be overkill for the purpose of just having a few control widgets on screen, as it is more akin to a DAW.

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