Running Elk OS on Sharc Audio Module ARM core?

Is it possible to run Elk OS on the ARM core of the Sharc Audio Module? I have read that it can run Yocto Linux and I have seen some posts online about Elk and Yocto. I’ve been using Faust and the Sharc Audio Module since they work well together. It would be amazing to be able to add Elk into the mix.

Hi @shossa3,
no, we don’t support the Sharc audio module.

We also don’t have plans to support it in the near-term because those hybrid hardware with integrated DSP accelerators are a different approach than Elk Audio OS. The key point of Elk is being able to run DSP code on the same CPU used for the “control” part, in a shared memory environment where you could just recompile existing code to run.

Even if we had support for something like the Sharc audio module, the DSP cores there will always run custom firmware that is non-portable by nature. Using high-level languages like FAUST make it easier indeed to reuse the code but the scenario is not general enough for us to consider at this moment.

Thanks for your response Stefano. I think the alternative that I will pursue is installing Sushi on the Linux ARM core. Seems like thats the functionality I was mainly looking for anyways.

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HI @shossa3,
running SUSHI should definitely doable if you have ALSA & JACk on your system.

I’d check our Bitbake recipes for SUSHI in the meta-elk repo:

as a reference for cross-compilation.

Freshly updated for Elk Audio OS 0.11.0 which is coming out today :wink:

Another thread from the Analog Devices forum: