Send Midi from Open Stage Control keyboard widget to Elk pi (Hifiberry hat)

Hi there,

i have recently purchased a pi4 8gb and the hifiberry dac + adc pro hat for tinkering / development using elk, unfortunately following the guide, my USB midi keyboard is not recognised by elk (m-audio oxygen 8 v1) (it is very old to be fair)

I thought that in order to trigger midi and test the synth I may be able to use Open stage control utilising the keyboard widget - but i cannot seem to get it to work for the life of me.

I have confirmed that the hat is working correctly, by trying out the neural pi guitar vst, and I have confirmed midi playback is working by using a midi file and playing it back once the jx-10 is loaded into sushi, as per the devkit guide.

But i am wanting to try using the keyboard widget in open stage control to trigger the synth and am failing hard.

does anyone have any advice?

many thanks.


Most likely your Oxygen keyboard is not “class compliant”, meaning it needs the installation of a dedicated driver. I’m pretty confident this is the case, I have an m-audio midi interface which is about as old as your keyboard with this problem.

What you’re doing with Open Stage Control sounds unnecessarily complicated - do you mean you are running it on the RPi, which serves the web-gui, and which you in turn load from a connected computer? Any other way will not work - the MIDI messages need to be received either by a driver, or other software, on the RPi!

There are many command line applications which can generate MIDI messages, and which you in turn can connect with aconnect to sushi. But those are not really useful for anything other than ensuring that “it works”, since they will lack any other interface than a command-line one - not the most intuitive for playing.

So in short, the easiest is to find and use a class compliant replacement to your Oxygen!

A bonus is that it will then also be compatible with your iPhone/iPad/Android too.

Ilias of Elk.