"--set-audio-hat" issue

Above tweak doesn’t seem recognized by sudo elk_system_utils
Using RPI3 with a hifiberry DAC+ Pro
Anyone see this problem before?

Updated to same image and above now works. Something must have corrupted in my initial install. Set DAC+ Pro using sudo elk_system_utils --set-audio-hat hifiberry-dac-plus-adc but now getting:

cat: /sys/module/audio_rtdm/parameters/audio_buffer_size: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/sushi: line 7: exec: sushi_b: not found

Should I have used:
sudo elk_system_utils --set-audio-hat hifiberry-dac-plus-adc-pro

Again appreciate any help. Been a rough start here.

Latest update. I installed 0.7.1, then ran the update to 0.7.2 and everything works as expected. Odd behavior but in case this benefits someone else…