SOURCE, A Freesound Community Sampler powered by ELK

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share a project I’ve been working on for the last months (and maybe more!) which is based on ELK technology stack. Let’s welcome SOURCE:

SOURCE is an open-source music sampler powered by Freesound’s collection of 500k Creative Commons sounds contributed by a community of thousands of people around the world. SOURCE is a sampler that does not sample . Instead, it provides different ways to load sounds from Freesound and instantly generate new sound palettes to enrich the creative process and bring an endless SOURCE of inspiration.

SOURCE is designed to run as a stand-alone device on a hardware solution based on a Raspberry Pi 4, the Elk Pi hat for the Raspberry Pi (which provides low-latency multi-channel audio I/O), and the Elk BLACKBOARD controller board (which provides the user interface elements including buttons, faders, a display, and the audio I/O connectors). However, the core of SOURCE is implemented as a standard audio plugin using JUCE. That allows SOURCE to also be loaded in DAWs that support VST/AU plugins, or even run as a stand-alone and cross-platform application in desktop computers (even though with somewhat limited functionality).

Here is a video of SOURCE in action:

And here’s the source code repository with more information and, well, the code:

Thanks for reading!


Wow, really impressed with what you’ve achieved with this. It’s like the open source, hardware version of splice.