Steps for using JUCE to build VST3 plugin for Elk/Rpi4/HiFiBerry

Hi, I’m planning an audio project using Elk OS with Raspberry Pi 4 and the HiFiBerry ADC+DAC. The hardware is arriving soon, but I’d like to get a head start on the steps needed to build a headless VST3 plugin that will run on this setup. I’m building on an Intel laptop, Ubuntu 18 with JUCE v6.0.7.

I’ve read over the documentation from this link:

I want to start out by building the “elk_juce_example” plugin from the example repository on Github (I’d be switching the vst2 flag to vst3). Which steps apply to my build? It seems like I need to do the steps from “Plugins using JUCE version 6” and “Cross compiling JUCE plugin”, but a few things aren’t clear to me:

  1. How do I unset the $CC and $CXX env variables (as simple as “unset CC” in terminal?)
  2. Where do I get the env setup for the “source /path/to/environment-setup-aarch64-elk-linux” step?
  3. After these steps and saving the Linux Makefile from the Projucer, do I just run this in the makefile folder to build: k-linux-ar make -jnproc CONFIG=Release CFLAGS="-DJUCE_HEADLESS_PLUGIN_CLIENT=1 -Wno-psabi" TARGET_ARCH="-mcpu=cortex-a72 -mtune=cortex-a72"

I’m assuming after the .vst3 is built, it’s as simple as moving it to the RPi4 and running it in Sushi, but I didn’t find alot of documentation specific to the HiFiBerry board.

Thanks in advance! I’m very excited about trying out Elk OS for my project.

I think I’ve figured out most of my questions, I found the SDK for Elk/Rpi4 on GitHub and from what I’ve read, it sounds like the latest JUCE handles everything that the Elk Juce fork was made for. Will be getting all the hardware this week so if I have any further questions I’ll ask here.