Support for AES67/SMPTE2110/Ravenna

Are there any plans or thoughts on providing drivers for working with realtime audio network protocols like AES67 / SMPTE2110-30 / Ravenna?

Hi @ruurdadema,
not in the short term.

We did a proof-of-concept minimal AES67 implementation using an UpCore Plus board, which had a network addon that came with a RT-capable network chipset (Intel I210/211). However, we were not able to use the analogue audio at the same time since we couldn’t put both the network and our audio shield for that board at the same time.

We have in plans to develop a RT-capable network driver for some of our systems (RPi4 is first on the list). Once that’s done, it will be possible to do an AES67 implementation but we can’t say now when this is going to happen.

Thank you for your quick, thorough and very clear answer! Really appreciate it!

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Any update on this since the initial inquiry in 6/20? Would the CM4 be a better platform for trying this with its IEEE1588 hardware timestamping?

Hi @bucknasty72,
we are working on several audio networking things (including our Elk Live product, though that’s designed for Internet connections).

But we don’t have anything ready to release yet nor we can promise a date at this point.

Is the code for your proof-of-concept AES67 implementation open source? Setting aside the analogue audio restriction (which isn’t a deal-breaker for some applications), did your AES67 implementation work?

I too would be interested in the POC AES67 implementation although of course full support would be amazing!!

Even a PI that can just stream audio data over aes67 without analog I/O would have some applications, even more if there was support for USB audio interfaces.