Sushi frontend error

Hello to all. Very new to this setup and am having trouble with the very beginning stages of building. I followed the docs until I try to play the example mda -vst3 synth I get an error saying cant find frontend. I’m assuming I’m not including the right setup files for the os? Can somebody point me in the right direction with what I need to do. Thank you very much

My setup was trying to run sushi in background as provided on The YouTube example online. Thank you

Could you post the exact error message you get as well as the exact command you’re running to start Sushi.
Also, which version of ELK are you running and is this on a dev board or on a regular Linux machine?

Hi gustav. Sorry I replied in email I believe. Anyways, I just received the ras 4 today so I’m going to start the process over with the new one. Thanks for your help. I’m sure I’ll have more questions sooner than later🙂


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Didn’t see any email, but glad it worked out for you. Good luck with the Pi4!