Sushi installation error on Ubuntu

I have installed grpc using sudo apt-get install on Ubuntu. However when I try to run:

$ ./generate --cmake-args="-DWITH_XENOMAI=off -DWITH_VST2=off" -b

I get the following error:

**/home/khadas/sushi/rpc_interface/src/control_service.h:25:10:** **fatal error:** grpcpp/grpcpp.h: No such file or directory

#include **<grpcpp/grpcpp.h>**

Why would this error occur? Can you update the install instructions with more details on installing grpc correctly?

Have you tried just running
apt-get install libgrpc+±dev protobuf-compiler-grpc ?
That should install all the required dependencies on a recebt Ubuntu image. If that doesn’t work then check the installed version of grpc.

I was able to get further by using the flags to turn off certain features.However 'm having some other errors which don’t seem to make sense.

I I believe they are all related to RtEvents.

Which CPU architecture is this?

The failure in the static assert for is_trivially_copiable might be architecture-dependent. Is this a 32-bit system?

That looks like you’re using an old compiler to me (older than GCC 9 at least). We did some work in 0.12 for compatibility with GCC 10 and that is the recommended compiler. GCC 9 will most likely work too, but not GCC 8.