Sushi not on pi4

Hi everyone,

First of all I am a complete noob with linux, but im trying to get into it with the Elk Audio OS.

But I am running on an issue very early on when trying to run sushi.
Im following the guide from here step 3.
but when i type the command, it returns:

[1] 282
elk-pi:~$ cat: /sys/module/audio_rtdm/parameters/audio_buffer_size: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/sushi: line 7: exec: sushi_b: not found

im runnig the latest release of elk_os on a raspberry pi4 2GB

I’m not sure where to go next, does anyone know where to find a solution to this?


Are you running on Elk PI or HIfi Berry hat ?
I guess you are running on a Hifi Berry hat but you haven’t set the right hat using “elk_system_utils”. By default Elk Audio OS is configured to be run on Elk Pi hat, so if you are using a Hifi Berry hat then you need to change the audio_hat appropriately using the command “elk_system_utils”. You can find the documentation here.

Hi Nitin,

I am starting to see a problem here, So do you need either the elk pi (dev kit hat) or the HiFiBerryHat to get it to work properly? I am just having the raspberry pi4 alone without any other hardware.

If this is true, Which one would you recommend me:
I am trying to build a guitar amplifier with the effects/vst’s running on the pi.

thanks for your help,

Hi @wabbywouter,
yes you need one supported Hardware HAT to run the system, the question seems to be very popular, see these thread too:

Raspberry pi with builtin audio

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I just got a HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC PRO for my Pi and it works really well.

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