Testing Sushi plugins

Hi all,

I’m figuring out how to use the ELK software with Sushi.
Following this tutorial I am able to use my MIDI keyboard to control a synthesizer.
My next step would be to have my input signal pass through straight to the output. As described here.

But I don’t understand the following sentence:

These are simple integrated plugins that can be instantiated in a JSON config using the type “internal” and choosing one of the available options for the “uid” field.

Where can I find how to do this, and later how can I add a VST to modify my input signal?

Thanks already for you help

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If you have a Raspberry Pi running with Elk, you can check the ~/config_files folder for several configuration file examples the demonstrate both cases that you refer to.

The file ~/config_files/mda-vst2-configs/config_play_arp_mda_link.json for example, instantiates an internal arpeggiator.

The Sushi .json files in our examples repository also demonstrate various combinations of internal and 3rd party plugins: https://github.com/elk-audio/elk-examples
For example this one.

For a few more Sushi .json examples still, you can also refer to the folder with testing configurations in our Sushi repository.

I hope you find these useful, and do let us know if there’s anything else you are wondering.

Ilias of Elk

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Hey Ilias,

Thanks for the reply,
I’m still trying to figure out how to change or create a new config file.

I’m able to find the rootfs partition and i have located the home/mind/ folder where various plugins and config files are located.
But everything is set to read only, do I need to be able to modify this?

I would like to test other plugins such as the mdaOverdrive.so, and also one of my own plugins later on.
Is it even needed to create a new config file for this? or are there other methods.

Anyway, thanks a lot for you help so far.

Cheers, Wouter


All the filesystem, except for /udata, is by default read-only, for the sake of avoiding SD filesystem corruption.

/udata is a good place to keep all you own files.

See here for more info:


Ilias of Elk

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