"The Audio Progammer" example gui Release when?

I may be jumping the gun here, (Sushi Released 13h ago) but in this post Gustav said that the example gui Stefano showed on The Audio Programmer may be released with the next version of sushi, is there any information of when it will be made available?
I’m setting up a system for a friend where the elkpi would be connected to a raspberry pi running Patchbox os which would run a gui, and I’d be extremely helpful if i could see how you’re example gui works (especially the pyside part) before i start programming my own.

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Hi @Jonathan,
a prerequisite to release that GUI was to have the SUSHI release with dynamic track / plugins loading and new gRPC API available.

That was released yesterday so now we plan just to do a little bit of cleanup on that GUI example and we’ll have it out soon before the end of the year.

It’s more an example of how to use the elkpy module rather than a great PySide examples - there are plenty of those elsewhere on QT’s domains.

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