Unable to open elk-pi-hardware Altium project


When I open the elk-pi-hardware Altium project there is nothing other than empty files. I have no issue with the blackboard project.

Could there be an issue with the files provided on github? Or am I using wrong version? Tried 21 (show 'unrecognized project version error) and 19, non errors but blank sheets.



I’m still trying to open the project especially to get the pick&place in the right format (either .csv or .xls not .txt).

Yes I could manually copy all the components to a new file. Very, very boring!

The aim is to manufacture the board on my own. Last thing I need is the pick&place for the manufacture to assemble one side of SMT components.

I’ve tried the altium online viewer. Does not work. I suspect the *lib files to be an issue but don t really know.

Hope someone can help!


K gotit! Have installed trial version instead of the cracked one… works fine eheheh (:

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