Universal Audio Interface Issue

Hello, trying to get started. Using a Mac Book Pro 2.3 GHZ 8 core intel I9 wity 32gb ram on Sonoma 14.2.1 and using Apollo X8.

I Keep getting the following error:
Currently, Elk only runs at 48 kHz. If you need to use another audio application at the same time, please make sure it also runs at 48 kHz.

When it does work, it does not register any audio.

I have a bandmate who is on an older mac mini running 12.6 with a Universal Audio X6. I can see and hear him fine, he can see me, but not hear audio from my Apollo. I have assigned the Mac mic to talkback and that works, but we are unable to practice together.

Any thoughts on what I am missing? Would really love to use this platform!!

I did get audio working, there was an issue in the Console interface that was resolved when audio output was assigned to inputs 1 and 2 in console I/O. I can now use console or an aux depending on assignment. But I constantly get the 48khz message that requires elk reboot and often a reboot of the entire
machine to resolve. I have no other apps running while using elk, so I am
not sure how there could be a conflict.

Wish I could try using Elk Bridge, but none available? Will they ever be available again?