USB AD/DAC support on Raspberry Pi

I understood that Elk Audio OS on RPi supports specific AD/DAC from HiFiBerry.

But are USB AD/DAC (like e.g. Behringer UCA222) also supported?

Are there any pro’s/con’s to be aware of?

Hi @ro5,
unfortunately no USB audio support.

Elk Pi images use RASPA / Xenomai for their driver architecture, and writing a USB driver is much more complicated than a I2S / TDM one (or SPI as we use in other configurations).

If you’re interested in getting some features of Elk without the ultra-low latency Xenomai setup, you can get e.g. a Raspbian image with the JACK audio server (and better if tuned with PREEMPT_RT etc.) and build SUSHI for it. In that case, you’ll be able to support any USB soundcard that work on standard Linux.

Hi. Just like to know if the above technique would work with non-hifiberry I2S soundcards (in my case Fe-Pi V1)?

HI @SyntheticMete,
you need to have a I2S soundcard with the same converter ICs that are there on the HiFiberry.

I’ve just looked briefly at the Fe-Pi that you mentioned and unfortunately, that won’t work since it uses a different WM codec. It is possible to adapt the driver for that codec but it’s a job that requires some familiarity with Linux driver development.

Thanks for the response. I do have some other I2S cards (D/A only so no inputs), will check them.