Use of Elk Music OS/Dev Kit with Prophet V Synth

I am working on building a built-in synth system into a custom guitar, much like Matt Bellamy’s of MUSE.

I was wondering if anyone could help/advise. Is the following idea correct?:

The Fishmann system connects via USB into a Pi 3B+ system, which is connected to a dev kit (the Elk Pi Hat), powered by a battery pack inside the guitar.

My other questions:

How would I put the Prophet V Synth software on to the Pi?

And how would I achieve the ability to automate the system so once the Prophet V synth software is loaded on, I will no longer need to use a computer?

Final question: I do not know if you are able to divulge, but out of pure curiosity, could anyone advise what these buttons (circled in red) do on the attached image?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @Dalek356,
wellcome here.

That plugin is a proprietary Arturia plugin and is not available on the Pi.

You need to have a binary cross-compiled for the Elk distribution on the Pi so, either you write your own plugin, ask a developer to cross-compile her/his, or pick one of the many open-source plugins available in our community repository:

OB-xd is a pretty decent polyphonic synthesizer, for example.

You need to write some Linux application to do the product logic, for example: what happens when you press button X. We provide examples in Python for these purpose but any language that supports gRPC and/or OSC is fine. In the case of Python and C++, we provide client libraries for our gRPC API.

To automate the startup of tasks, you can use systemd services.

Not much IIRC :wink:
When designing the product, we decided to put the buttons in case there was some need to have any kind of user interaction.

I believe it used to be that one of them changes how MIDI is parsed from the Fishman and a combination can be used at startup to boot in an alternate mode, something like that. But they were mostly used during development, that system was then configured in a way that you could just power it on and run it.

Thanks so much for the help Stefano. It is really appreciated.

So just to clarify - if I want this on the Pi using your dev kit, I should contact Arturia?

I do not write any code - would you know who I could contact to help me out with this? Do you know if there is someone within your staff that could help for example?

Many thanks again!


Yes, you would have to ask them to license and build the SW for your product.

Sure, we are available for consultancy services to help you realize your product. Write an email to:

if you’re interested to know more details.

Thanks so much for the help once again!

I certainly will, right now in fact! Thanks again!