Using Csound on Elk through Cabbage

Csound is another high-level language used for making sound & music applications.

We didn’t add support for Csound directly in Elk yet, but it’s possible to run Csound patches wrapped as VST plugins thanks to Cabbage. An experimental port for Elk is available here:

Check out the notes in the document if you want to try it out.

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I see that there is a Rpi3 64 bit release, but I can only find a Rpi3 32bit image. Is this an error, and do you mean 32 bit or Rpi4?

I also tried to build my own, but fixing/building dependencies takes a long time (not very experienced in linux cross compilation development)

Hi @dj_subzero,
indeed it’s missing. Sorry, we should update the build for Pi4 64 bit, this one has not been built for that platform yet.

We’ll try to do it this week.

But the image that is there, is it Pi3 64 bit as it states? Because I cannot find a 64bit ELK image for Pi3.

Elk Audio OS (both the distro and the compiled plugins), is 32bit for the RPi3 and 64bit for the RPi4.

Initially in the closed beta phase, we had 64bit for the Pi3, so that might have been leftover from that period.

Hi, I’m trying to build cabbage myself, but some things are not clear to me.
As I understand from using cabbage on windows, it can generate a VST plugin to use in a DAW. When I do so, I don’t need a dedicated cabbage plugin in my DAW.
Why then do I have to build cabbage itself for the ELK os? Isn’t it so that I need to design my CSound file on my desktop machine and export a plugin for ELK? Or do I need to design and export the CSound file on ELK?

Do I need to install CSound on ELK as well, or is that automatically included?

Hi @dj_subzero,

when you export a VST plugin from the CSound editor it basically packages a DLL binary (the plugin itself) with a .csd file in the same directory.

The DLL actually doesn’t really change depending on the Cabbage patch. So what we provided was a built of that DLL for Elk, and then you’d have to replace the contents of the .csd file to run your custom code.

CSound libraries are already installed in Elk, version 6.13.

Does that mean that I have to build cabbage for x86 to run on my desktop? And that this ‘customized’ version just exports an ARM plugin?

Yes, it’s quite hackish (we just replace the “template” precompiled plugin that Cabbage uses) but it works.

If you can wait a few more days, I’ll try to do it myself as soon as I can, so in that case you don’t need to build anything, just replace the .csd file inside the board.