Will hat work with raspberry pi 4 in future?

Does this hat only fit the raspberry pi 3/3b+ or once support for 4 comes out we will need to adapt it or get another dev board? Hating how the pi 3b+ is out of stock everywhere.

the Pi4 is pin-compatible with the Pi3, so the same hat will work for the Pi4 once we get the SW support done.

Indeed, the 3B+ seems to be out of stock here in Sweden, too - we had a hard time getting 25 boards for the ADC workshop!

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Hi @Stefano, are there any news about compatibility with pi4? I was doing my experiments with a pi3b+ which was not mine and I unfortunately had to return. Now I want to buy a pi but I’d definitely go for the pi4 if I know support is coming soon enough :slight_smile:

Hi @frederic,
we just started the work on the Pi4 this month and so far we are going faster than expected but still too early to know for sure… until it is tested with audio driver integration and interaction with all the rest of the HW on the Pi4 it is very hard to predict.

It will be ready probably around Q2 but don’t quote me on this :wink:

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ok thanks!
then I think I’ll pause my experiments for some more time :slight_smile: