Working Juce plugin on x86 but not on ARM with ELK

Hi !

I am building a custom guitar convolution reverb guitar pedal with a friend and we have some issue with, we guess, types convertion. The context is, we use a custom C++ library to implement a more efficient algorithm to convolve. We then compile the plugin for ARM and put it in ELK Os on the compute module 4 we have. We are using the HIFIBERRY DAC+ADC. The “classical” convolution solution of JUCE works fine with short Impulse Response but we wanted to have longer ones. We have no issue outputing some sound with other plugins or JUCE’s convolution but when it comes to the custom library we are using we have a problem.

Here is the link of the library we use : GitHub - HiFi-LoFi/FFTConvolver: Audio convolution algorithm in C++ for real time audio processing

When developping the plugin and testing it on a classical x86 linux, the library and plugin works fine and the convolution outputs some sound. But when we compile this plugin for ELK OS, it outputs nothing. We tested a few things and it happens that when we just convert form JUCE samples to the sample type of the library (wich is just float numbers too) and then back to JUCE, there is nothing out.

We are kind of stuck so maybe you can help ?

Thank you and have a nice day !